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Employing a Person of Determination in your Call Centre

Employing a Person of Determination in your Call Centre

what can you do to welcome People of Determination?

Employing wheelchair users

Call centres situated in purpose built modern offices will find that wide doors, lifts and accessible parking spaces makes it easier for wheelchair users to access. It could be just minor adjustments to the workstation is all that is needed to create an accessible work environment.

Direct Access can assist with identifying a suitable desk that accommodates the wheelchair and/or chair they can transfer to and a suitable headset. We also look at the kitchen and washroom facilities as well as ensuring there is space to move around the office.

Employing home-based workers

The latest technological advancements make working from home a straightforward option to consider. This is useful if all that is required is an internet connection, computer and phone.  If you are unable to physically accommodate a wheelchair user in your office, you could consider employing them remotely. This means that your Operator can operate in the comfort of their own home.

Employing visually impaired people

In many call centres visually impaired people work successfully with the help of screen reading software. Screen readers are software applications that convey what people with normal eyesight see on a display to their users via sound. In a call centre this enables the user to handle calls with one ear and to ‘hear’ the information on the screen with the other.

We can assist with identifying the most appropriate screen reading software for your organisation and reviewing your office layout for ease of navigation.

Employing deaf people

As call centres evolve from the traditional phone call to online through email, social media and online chat facilities, there are numerous opportunities to employ deaf people who can respond through reading and writing. If your call centre is likely to have a large number of deaf callers you may wish to consider incorporating a video contact centre with a deaf person responding to calls in sign language. DEWA (Dubai Electricity and Water Authority) employs call centre staff who have secured diplomas in sign language.

If you would like more information about creating an accessible work environment for People of Determination please contact us

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