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Abu Dhabi – World Forum

Abu Dhabi this week at the World Urban Forum,

In Abu Dhabi this week at the World Urban Forum, five new cities signed the Cities4all compact to be part of the campaign to transform 100 cities into inclusive and accessible cities. Direct Access were delighted that our Head of Engagement, Steve Dering, joined representatives from the cities of Abu Dhabi, Barcelona, Helsinki, Almaty and Banjul to commit to building cities that are accessible for all.

The compact is designed to promote universal inclusion and accessibility for everyone in cities especially older persons and persons with disabilities – more than fifty percent of persons with disabilities and persons over 60 live in cities and towns. It is estimated that will increase to over 2 billion persons by 2050.

By signing up to the compact, Direct Access is committed to working with cities across the six core principles of:

Inclusive Urban Policies and Programmes
Capacity Building
Data for development

This includes promoting measures that facilitate access, eliminate barriers and secure full participation of persons with disability with others. We will promote within our local government clients how to mainstream disability, accessibility and universal design within urban planning strategies, implementation processes and programs.

We recognise that disability is a part of diversity and humanity, and that disability is the result of functional impairments and their interactions with barriers in the built, digital and social environment; barriers that restrict them from participating in society on an equal basis with others. Our motto of Access for Everybody reflects our determination to identify and eliminate these barriers.

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